John Whitney P.E. - Town Supervisor

Experience you can count on.  Retired Grand Island Town Engineer with over 31 years of experience

Places a strong emphasis on accountability, respect and civility

Fiscally Conservative:  Administratively involved in many long term Capital Projects and helped create the “Five Year Capital Plan” to keep spending in check

Mike Madigan - Town Council

Endorsed candidate for Grand Island Town Council, using his business experience the past 4 years as Grand Island Town Councilman, Mike has a proven track record of independent thinking and putting taxpayers first.

Tom Digati - Town Council

Devoted to Grand Island and committed to putting our Community and its residents above all else.

Dedicated to serving as an accessible and responsive leader by being available to promptly address the concerns of all residents.

Fiscally conservative and prepared to work tirelessly to meet the growing needs of the Community while controlling taxes and maintaining the Town’s fiscal health.

Committed to serving the Community and its residents with respect and integrity.





Pattie Frentzel - Town Clerk

Endorsed candidate for Grand Island Town Clerk, who has been the Grand Island Town Clerk for 16 years and who has been accountable, decisive and highly regarded for providing excellent customer service to our residents.

Mark Nemeth - Town Justice

Endorsed candidate for Grand Island Town Justice, with 15 years of experience as the Grand Island Town Prosecutor and 25 years as an attorney in WNY.