Mark Frentzel - Candidate for Town Justice


As your current town judge for the last twelve years, a practicing attorney on Grand Island for thirty-two years, and a       former police officer I’m confident in saying I have the proven skill set, capabilities and genuine commitment to serve         Grand Island.  I am proud of the fact that I hold firm to fairness, integrity and impartiality in all that I do. Additionally, I remain at the forefront of managing growth in our town court’s caseload, and in addressing the complexities of ever changing social issues, legal procedures and law.


When I graduated from law school I chose not to work for a large firm.  I preferred to work in a local law practice were I would meet and help people every day.  In one sense I’ve always felt like the “country lawyer”.  People routinely stop by my office, give me a quick call or see me about the Island to discuss concerns, often times very casual but always critically important to my clients and me.  As an attorney I have helped clients with real estate, wills and estates, domestic abuse, small business issues, property disputes, financial difficulties, family concerns, and drinking and drug problems.  As a general practitioner of the law and as former police officer I pride myself in having a wide breadth of knowledge; knowledge that is indispensible in the court room as your judge.


As a member of our community I have volunteered my time with the Grand Island Lions Club, the VFW, the Soccer Club and the Young Life Golf Committee.  My personal engagement with the community makes me acutely aware of what is important to Grand Island residents and contributes greatly to making me a more effective judge.


In keeping with the admirable precedent set by Island judges Francis Bud Pritchard, Eric Riemann, Sybil Kennedy and myself, I have never asked the citizens of Grand Island to finance my election campaigns.

Many people, and I mean many people, urge me to hold a fundraiser to raise money.  While the concept works for other elected officials, I believe it poses a risk for impropriety as a judicial candidate.   When a person or lawyer appears in my court, unlike many judges, I never have to ponder the morality of who gave me money.   I never have and never will let politics or corruption into the courtroom.


Your town judge needs to have a wealth of life experiences, common sense, compassion, strength to do the right thing and above all the ability to be fair and impartial.  No matter who you are, you cannot acquire these things in a short period of time.  There is no online class or You Tube video to give you this knowledge, you have to live and experience it as I have these past thirty five years as an attorney and as your judge.


So, I humbly ask for your vote in this year’s Primary Election on September 12th and General Election on November 7th.  Retaining an experienced judge in our court is critically important in this year’s judicial election because several veteran court members may be retiring in the near future.  Now, more than ever, voters need to retain the wealth of knowledge and fairness that I bring to the bench.  Your vote for Mark Frentzel will ensure this happens.







Pete Marston - Candidate for Town Council



Pete Marston has been a Grand Island resident for over 35 years and has strong ties to the community. After graduating from Grand Island High School, Pete went on   to study mechanical engineering, drafting, and advanced machining, obtaining certificates in welding and electrical.  For eight years he worked as a mechanical engineer, often traveling to Europe in the course of his employment.


 Pete resides with his wife, Sue, and son, Pete Jr., and has operated his business, Marston Power Equipment, on  Grand Island Boulevard for over 15 years.  As a long-time resident of this community and the operator of a small business, Pete  has a strong presence in the community, which is bolstered by his service to the Town.  Pete is a strong supporter of the Scouts, the Grand Island Snowmobile Club, and is the co-chair of the Grand Island Lawn Mower Races.  Pete and his business recently held a "Scrap for Scouts" fundraiser, which resulted in a significant donation to Cub Scout Pack 630.  Further, he is also actively involved in Town government: Pete is currently the chairman of the Planning Board, a member of the Long Range Planning Committee, and has participated in the assessment review board. Through his service, Pete has developed strong ties to the community and an unparalleled understanding of zoning and land use on Grand Island.


 As an owner of his own business, Pete knows what it takes to run a successful small business.  He is a strong promoter of small business, and understands the obstacles that small businesses, like his own, face.  Pete grew up around construction because his father was a commercial general contractor.  As a result, Pete is familiar with construction principles, practices, blueprints, infrastructure, and deadlines.  Pete is dedicated to Grand Island: his political aspirations start and end here.   Pete seeks only to use his wealth of experience in business and government together with his strong ties to this community to continue to improve this extraordinary community through strong, responsible, and accountable leadership.








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Jenn Baney - Candidate for Town Council

About Jenn

Jenn's Platform

Jennifer Baney brings both leadership experience and enthusiasm to the table as the GOP's political newcomer and endorsed candidate for town council. She earned consecutive degrees from Houghton College and the University at Buffalo in both Education and Literacy. Jenn spent nearly a decade teaching elementary school, the majority of which was serving as a tenured teacher in the Williamsville Central School District. Upon the birth of her first son, Jenn stepped back from her full-time teaching position to raise a family.



In her years at home, she has served the community in many ways. Jenn is a leader in two different mom's groups, a member of her son's school board, and will take on the role of Chairwoman for the Buffalo branch of the NACCAP college fair this year.



Jenn's priorities when elected will be: Restoring civility in town government, engaging the next generation of leaders in town committees and boards, increasing collaboration between the town and the educational entities on the Island, and balancing the needs of the community with the associated tax payer costs. Jenn has already committed not to seek or accept any further employment during the time she serves on town council, making her accessible to citizens and giving the position the time and dedication it truly deserves.




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My current platform for town council has to do with the following:


My talking points have become known, as I speak with others, as my Four Pillars. In my endorsement interviews and conversations with Island residents, I always emphasize that, if elected, I am only 20% of the process. I can't advocate for things I am unable to do on my own, which is why I advocate regularly for collaborative leadership.


Four Pillars:

1. A Return to Civility: In board meetings and in interactions with elected officials I will act in an appropriate way. Elected officials should carry themselves in a way that we are not afraid to have our children attend board meetings and functions.


2. Educational Collaboration: I'll use my training and experience in the field of education to assist in collaboration between the town and all educational entities, as much as I am able (public and private schools, preschools, home school groups, our town library, etc).


3. Expanded Political Engagement:  I know many great people on the Island that are not engaged in the political realm. I want vacant volunteer positions on our town boards and committees to be filled by some of our best and brightest, and I am confident that I can help many residents who are currently using their talents at their jobs, churches, and with their favorites civic organizations to begin investing some of their skills to benefit the town. The more qualified leadership we can engage, the better.


4. Fiscal Prudence: In our home, we do our very best to manage our finances well. Doing so has allowed me to be home with our boys since 2011. I believe our town can update and even expand what we offer to our residents, but we need to plan for it and use our resources, as well as access grants, in creative and unique ways.


Also important to note, is that the challenges we face currently may be different than what we face a few years down the road. New opportunities will present themselves and unanticipated choices will have to be made. Because of this, character, integrity, and a strong moral compass can never be overlooked.

Richard Crawford - Candidate


Richard “Dick” Crawford, served as Town of Grand Island Councilman for 19 years, and Deputy Town Supervisor for 12 years. Throughout his time in office, Dick fought for responsible growth for both commercial and residential development, and maintained a Conservative fiscal management approach to budgeting which led to very favorable bond ratings for the town.



Dick has always been an active member of this community beyond politics. Dick is a member of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, Niagara Sailing Club and the Lions Club of Grand Island.  Dick also supports many other groups and assists them with projects.






As a community activist, independent businessman and your neighbor, Grand Island is not only the place that I represent, GRAND ISLAND is my HOME. In our community I believe we are obligated to provide an open forum in order that ideas for a better life can be openly-discussed and plans implemented.



Managing public money means far more than collecting taxes, putting money in the bank and writing checks for goods and services.  I firmly believe that it is our fiduciary responsibility to manage taxpayer’s money with long term planning, focused goals and clear accountability to achieve the best results with our limited resources.



As your next Highway Superintendent I will bring my past experience on the Town Board to that of Highway Superintendent.




Working with residents and the dedicated staff at the highway department I will continue to look at efficiencies on the delivery of our programs and services.



“Strengthening Partnerships throughout the Community”.